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Please Note: Adjusting these settings require Mojeek to place a cookie on your computer, this cookie will be used to store your settings only and will not contain any personally identifiable data. To find out more about Mojeek's strict no tracking policy, please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy .

Wählen Sie die bevorzugte Sprache aus, in der die Mojeek-Website angezeigt werden soll.
Hinweis: Dies ist in Arbeit und einige nicht-englische Übersetzungen können falsch oder unvollständig sein.

This sets the theme to display the website in.

Wählen Sie 'minimal', um Werbebotschaften von der Homepage zu entfernen.

per page

This sets the maximum number of results that are displayed per page.

per domain

This setting changes the maximum number of results displayed per site, per query. If higher that one, and further relevant documents from the same site exist, they will be listed under the first page as an indented listing. Setting this to unlimited will disable site clustering altogether and the results will be displayed as if they were all from different sites.

default (no) yes no

default (no) yes no

default (no) yes no

If enabled, the date and/or size of the page when Mojeek last crawled it will be displayed along side its address.

default (yes) yes no

If enabled, Mojeek will display an alternative spelling suggestion when relevant on the result page.

If enabled, Mojeek will default to searching the selected region instead of worldwide.

If set to 'yes', search results will open in a new tab when clicked on.

Default image provider

default (no) yes no

This feature is to prevent search query data from being leaked to the destination site. If enabled, all external links on the search result pages will redirect through another page, causing all search words to be removed from the referral data.

Note: This is only required for, Chrome < 17, Firefox < 38, Safari < 6, and Internet Explorer. Therefore this setting is ignored internally for all other browsers.

If set to 'yes', your browser will show you a list of your previous searches as you type your query.

Note: Your browser will still record your history. Mojeek does not record your search history at any time.

If set to 'yes', then the Infobox will be displayed on the search results page.

Choose the number of characters to limit search result title length to.

Choose the number of characters to limit search result snippet length to.

Choose the number of news items to display on the search results page.

This sets the country that you're in. Mojeek uses this at search time to help improve the relevancy of the results returned.

Save Settings

By clicking 'Save Settings' you agree for Mojeek to place a cookie on your computer. For further details please read our Privacy Policy.

To view the contents and meanings of any cookies Mojeek has placed on your computer, or to remove them completely, please visit this page.