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Mojeek Search API

Mojeek Web Search API

Retrieve search results from Mojeek's full index of billions of webpages with a simple API call.

Search API Pricing

Flexible Terms

Get in touch, we're happy to discuss your requirements.

Customisable Results

Highly configurable, ad-free, and relevant search results.

Independent Results

No big-tech was used during the making of these search results!

Easy to use

Simple HTTP request with results in JSON or XML format.

Pricing Plans

Customisable levels of access, including free for a limited number of queries.
Monthly Bronze
£POA* /month
£POA* /month
£POA* /month
(Price on Asking)
Queries Per Day 1000 5000 10,000 Unlimited
No advertising
No Mojeek Branding

Discounts available for charitable, educational and non-commercial/open projects.
If you are a larger organisation or have multiple websites you might like to check out Mojeek's Organisation Search API.

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