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Show previous searches when typing queries
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Mojeek Focus allows you to define and control your own search engines. Create and manage them easily on the Mojeek Focus Dashboard.

Set the maximum number of search results per page

Set the maximum number of search results per domain

Display last modified date in results

Display crawled date in results

Display page size in results

Set character limit for search result titles

Set character limit for search result descriptions

Display URL at start of result, formatted for readability

Display alternative spelling suggestions on the result page

Display Substack option on search results page.

Opens search results in a new tab

Choose default image provider

Display Infoboxes alongside search results

Choose how many News results to display alongside search results

Changes the language across the entire Mojeek website

Set the preferred language for search results

Set the preferred location for search results

Only show search results from this location

Prevent search query data from being leaked to the destination site
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