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Add Mojeek to Firefox

To add Mojeek to your Firefox browser and set it as default on your Desktop please follow the steps below.

Add to Browser

  1. Click on the three dot icon called ‘Page actions’ on your Firefox browser’s URL bar:

  2. Click ‘Add Search Engine’:

  3. You should see a pop up saying ‘Search engine added’:

  4. You can now search with Mojeek using your URL or Search input bar:

Note: If you want searches to be automatic, you need to set Mojeek as the default search engine by following the instructions below.

Set as Default

Once you have Mojeek installed in Firefox, set it as your default search engine:

  1. Click on the three-bar icon at the far-right of the Firefox toolbar and select 'Options':

  2. Choose 'Search' in the left-bar:

  3. Select 'Mojeek' from the 'Default Search Engine' drop-down bar:

  4. You’re all set. Mojeek is now your default search engine!